Frequently Asked Questions

What is the costume bank?
The costume bank is a costume warehouse where we have a collection of over 15,000 costumes and components.

Who uses the costume bank?
Individuals looking for new looks for parties/conventions, theatre companies or groups doing theatrical productions (i.e. schools) in the province of B.C., film production companies, etc.

How do I access the bank for rentals?
You may come to the warehouse and pick out your rentals or you may browse the website and fill in the rental request form that may then be forwarded to us. We will pull the available pieces and ship them to you.

How long are the rental periods?
One week unless otherwise negotiated. Theatre company rentals are geared to the length of your production. Typically, you will receive your rentals 2-3 weeks before opening, and they will be expected back at the warehouse 2 weeks after closing. This makes 6-8 week rental the norm.

What type of things will I find in the bank?
Almost anything you can imagine! You will likely find a wide variety of pieces that would serve for your individual costume needs, or for your theatrical production, in a wide variety of sizes. We can handle general costuming of your chorus members for many characters and historical periods. These will be augmented by feature and character pieces. You will also find a variety of small carry props.

What does it cost to rent?
Each piece or costume has its own rental value – all of it less than it would cost to buy from a thrift store or online – or to even start to build it.

How do I pay?
We take all major credit cards plus Interac. We require your charge card information to serve as a deposit, but it will only be charged in the event of loss, damage, or cleaning issues.

How do I use the website?
You can browse our catalogue or search by category. Each piece will appear on several category lists, so what you miss in one viewing/search may appear on another.

How do I know what’s available?
You may call us or send an inquiry from our contact page. We’ll let you know promptly if the piece(s) you would like are available on the timeline you require.